Monthly Archives: September 2010

First Issue: Fall 2010

Welcome to the first issue of Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education — a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that serves as a forum for the reflective work of college faculty and students working together to explore and enact effective classroom practice.

Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education is premised on the centrality to successful pedagogy of dialogue and collaboration — among faculty and between faculty and students — in explorations and revisions of approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. The journal has several aims:

·To include student voices in analyses and revisions of educational practice at the post-secondary level

·To offer windows into the development of pedagogical insights that faculty and students gain when they collaborate on explorations of classroom practice and systematically reflect on that collaboration

·To create forums for dialogue between faculty and students whose work is featured in this journal and others engaged in similar work at other colleges and universities.


I. From The Advisory Board, which features some reflections on “a pedagogy of mutual engagement” from Advisory Board member Dennis Thiessen.

II. Introduction, which provides a history of the programs that have generated the reflections featured in this inaugural issue and thoughts from Guest Editor Laura Perry.

III. A Semester In the Life, which traces a faculty member’s reflections over the course of a semester: Theresa Tensuan, Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, posts the first installment of her weekly blog about the joys and challenges of a semester in which she explored how to create a more culturally responsive classroom.

IV. From the Student Perspective, in which Erica Seaborne, a 2009 graduate of Bryn Mawr College, describes how her experience working as a Student Consultant with the TLI increased her sense of responsibility as a student, and deepened her understanding of teaching and learning.

V. Teaching and Learning Insights, which features faculty and student perspectives on and analyses of an important classroom issue: student engagement.

Call for Submissions

Our goal is to have Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education evolve to represent a wide range of faculty and student reflections on teaching and learning in higher education. We seek submissions that:

·illustrate how faculty and students work together to improve classroom practice

·present pedagogical insights gained through collaborations between and among faculty and students

·explore the challenges and possibilities of such collaborations